"The Line Between Comedy and Existential Worry". 2018. Acrylic, Spray Paint, Charcoal, Graphite on Canvas. 100 x 120cm 

"Suited and Booted". 2018. Acrylic, Spray Paint, Charcoal, Graphite on Canvas. 100 x 120cm  

"Pobody's Nerfect" 2018. Acrylic, Marker, Spray paint on Canvas and Polyester. 80 x 60cm

"Es is nett zu von dich hören" 2018. Acrylic, Marker, Graphite, Spray Paint on Polyester. 120 x 100cm

The Year They Took My Brain. 2018. Oil, Acrylic, Graphite on Canvas and Netting. 120 x 60cm 

Bonds Hold Physical Matter Together. 2018. 80 x 60cm. Acrylic, Marker, Graphite, Collage on Canvas and Netting.

Untitled_1 (Behaviour Modification) 2018. Oil, Marker on canvas. 120 x 80cm

Untitled_2 (Behaviour Modification) 2018. Oil, acrylic, Marker on Canvas. 120 x 100cm 

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